First off let me just say CONGRATULATIONS! This is such a special time in your family's life!

There truly isn't anything more rewarding then becoming a parent.

Whether this is your first, second.....third or fourth! 

Think about that amazing wonderful miracle that YOUR body created! 

Having had 5 children of my own, I know first hand how joyous this time can be.   

This is why I love photographing newborns, you never get this time back. With my first daughter I didn't have any photographs and it breaks my heart! So I fixed that with my other 3 children and I personally love looking back at my children's pictures......Maybe this is why I keep having kids....

Now about your session.

In order to get those cozy squishy picture you see, the baby must be in what we like to call a "deep sleep". So as we are moving and posing baby they don't wake or startle. The best time to do these sessions is when baby is around 7-10 days old. This ensures us that baby is still able to be put in those positions safely and comfortably. This is not saying that newborn sessions can't be done later on. All sessions are on a case by case basis. After you have come in and had your consultation and we've gone over everything, next will come your session. Please keep in mind that babies are used to being where it is nice and most if not all cases 90+ degrees. So I like to keep my studio at about 80 degrees, so I highly recommend dressing comfortably and bringing your "picture" clothes with you. 

Well now that I have covered the basics ;) I'd love to hear from you! 

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